How do you ensure that operational processes are managed safely and visible across your assets?

Site and process safety are of paramount importance to the duty holder for all activities that take place around an asset, this is where eLogbook can help with assuring that both the poeple and processes are performed in a safely and reliably.

Site & Process Safety

Safer Processes, Safer Places, Safe People

Site & Process safety is an important aspect when both personnel and the assets are at use in performing the operational processes. The asset owner needs to be aware of the respective controls and assessments that are in place in order for such operational activities to take place safely and reliably.

By using the eLogbook solution, the respective teams across an asset can access information and gain insights to support decision making in relation to safe operations.

Take a look a some of the intiatives we are currently supporting across your asset

Functional modules

The following is a list of the software modules that exist in eLogbook to support both Site & Process safety.

Handovers & Events

Efficient handovers, be they shift or trip based, are critical to operational visibility of all events affecting an asset.

Operational assurance tasks

The ability to capture action and task management data allows for the detailed recording of an action and corresponding tasks with scheduling and performing competency.

Communications tracker

The importance of communicating with all staff and contractors as to changes in process, policy or standards can be audited and measured in terms of understanding and compliance.

Operational risk assessment

The adoption of rigorous and streamlined ORA practises is a key focus for process operators especially so at the present time with increased pressure on efficiency of operational cost and safety.

Management of Change

The tracking and management of the approval of asset changes through single point reference and collaboration with verification and asset integrity at the fore of decision making.

Hazard mapping

Th ability to collect, analyse and visual map hazards around an asset including asbestos, water hygiene and fire is common to most assets. The ability to capture other hazards such as noise, lead, benzene, mercury, damp/mould and RAAC support safety operations around an asset.


Given the variety of environments and industries in which eLogbook can be used, the collection, sampling and testing of objects can be recorded within eLogbook to assure the accuracy of observations and assumptions made around an asset.

Root causes analysis

With globally ageing assets which are being asked to reliabily work harder and longer, it is critical that failures are analysed and understood to prolong the life of an asset or equipment.

Process safety overrides

Where appropriate processes may be overridden in a manner that is compliant with accepted procedures and that do not exceed safety parameters for either equipment or asset integrity.

Locked valve register

When working in environments that process liquids or gases, it is important to record all movement of valves from locked open to locked closed and have these movements audited and approved to ensure asset safety and integrity.

Permit to Work

The issuing and management of a permit ensures that an area of an asset where people may be working is safe and secure as well as being controlled by all interested parties as to when the permit has been completed and the area is safe to come back into operational use.

Our Clients

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